by Yoga Athens on July 5, 2010

Yoga for Everyone

  • Gentle Yoga: Movements are safe, gentle and slower for those students who are less athletic, involving time on the floor, on hand and knees, and standing. Become stronger and more flexible, help the body heal, improve sleep and learn to relax with instructors who adapt the practice to your needs.
  • Basic Yoga for Health and Relaxation: This six week foundational class is a basic practice for healthy adults to build strength, stretch and tone muscles, and increase mindfulness. This class requires some upper body strength. Twelve basic yoga postures, three breathing techniques, and progressive deep relaxation ground you in a thorough understanding of a basic yoga practice. Experience benefits in body, mind, and emotions and improves sleep.
  • Ongoing Yoga for Health and Relaxation: Deepen the benefits of yoga in your life with continued practice. Learn new postures and variations, hold postures longer, and enhance breath practice and mindfulness.

Specialty and Therapeutic Yoga

  • Chair Yoga for Strength and Balance: Become stronger, breathe better, increase range of motion, and improve balance without getting on the floor. The pace is slow, and includes movements in the chair and standing. Movements are adapted to the ability of the student. Instructions are repeated each class.
  • Therapeutic Yoga: This therapeutic practice is for people who would like to receive individual attention in a supportive, safe class setting. Through the use of mindful, appropriate movements, breath and awareness you will:  re-direct the body to move comfortably and safely;  reduce stress, anxiety and fatigue;  increase range of motion;  deepen concentration;  relieve chronic pain;  increase lung capacity.
  • Back Care Yoga: Safely and gently move the neck and spine and the muscles that control them to increase strength, flexibility and endurance. Mindful movement and deep relaxation help reduce pain, change the relationship with pain, promote healing, and reduce the likelihood of further injury. This course was designed by our yoga teachers in association with the physical therapists at ARMC specifically for those graduating from rehabilitation, and those living with back pain.
  • Yoga for Bone Health: Build and maintain bone by concentrating on weight-bearing postures, especially in areas that tend to fracture. Strengthen the muscles around the joints, align the body for better posture, and improve balance to prevent falls.
  • Prenatal Yoga: Be more comfortable doing gentle yoga designed specifically to strengthen and stretch pregnant bodies.  Enhance physical and mental well-being through movement, breath, and relaxation. And, prepare your body and your mind for labor and delivery. Women of all fitness levels can take this class.
  • Mama-Baby Yoga: A post-natal yoga class, for mamas and their babies 6 weeks old until they start crawling. A wonderful way to bond with your baby, and connect with other mothers.
  • Yoga for Serenity: Gentle yoga postures, breath, and mindfulness help people with anxiety and depression feel better in this class. Develop and practice serenity skills of proper breathing, deep relaxation, and cognitive restructuring.  Also, there are two segments on nutrition for keeping brain chemistry in balance with guest speakers Rich Panico, MD, and Robin Bewley, CHES.
  • Yoga for Hope, Peace and Cancer Recovery: Come to a safe, nurturing environment wherever you are in your journey with cancer. Gentle movement designed just for you can reduce pain, increase energy and help you reconnect with your body and maintain strength.  Relaxation and breath support the immune system and help you cope with fatigue.  Sharing experiences with others (if you wish) brings hope and knowledge of love.

Other Classes

  • Laugh-A-Yoga: Laugh-A-Yoga is an ancient, new idea that can bring increased health, happiness and well-being. A simple, yet powerful practice that can produce profound changes in mood, confidence and health.

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